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Elevate Your Home Experience with the Latest Smart Tech

Elevate Your Home Experience with the Latest Smart Tech

It’s daunting to embrace smart home tech. 

It’s even more daunting when you start considering the costs involved.

However, sometimes it’s worth putting in a little extra to improve your home and life there. Think of it as an investment in your future. 

The good news is there’s a range of options for you to consider.

Here’s what they are.

The Future of Home Relaxation by Kohler

Kohler's latest batch of futuristic bathroom installations took center stage at CES 2024

Headlining the show was the Kohler SpaViva hand shower. This multifunction hand shower has a whole bunch of spa-like features besides just doing the basic job a shower tool should do. 

For instance, the SpaViva hand shower has several attachments that allow for exfoliating or massaging. Additionally, it’s built with technology that increases water size and heat retention.

In other words, the SpaViva hand shower creates a spa experience right in your own home. 

Alongside the SpaViva, Kohler announced a smart bidet seat that can pair with Alexa and Google Home. 

This next-gen bidet features heated seats, the ability to open it without contact (by using voice commands), and adjustable water temperatures and pressure.

Elevate Your Lighting with Nanoleaf

Now, let’s look beyond function and instead at decorations. 

Best Buy's limited-time offer on Nanoleaf Essentials smart holiday string lights is creating a buzz among homeowners like you. 

You can customize these Nanoleaf smart lights to be warm white, cool white, or have multicolor lighting. You can even synchronize light animations to music. Pair these lights with Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, or Google Assistant, and you’ve got lots of options for creating a mood anywhere inside or outside your home.

Home Warranty Coverage for Smart Tech

As you can see, new home tech can improve your home-owning experience. However, as with any new purchase, you’ll need to make financial considerations. 

Those considerations include ensuring you’re prepared for potential repair and maintenance costs. Securing a home warranty plan is a reliable way to help cover those unexpected expenses.

Additionally, securing a home warranty plan that covers smart appliances means you can have the peace of mind of investing in your home and future while not potentially putting yourself in a bad financial spot as a result. 

Ultimately, it’s about making smart decisions with your smart home.


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