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Use tabs below to manage quotes and communication with each company

What Happens Next

Your first selected company will call you to go over your discounts and saving opportunities and create a plan for your home needs.

Be sure to answer the call. Remember to disable "Do not disturb" and "Silence unknown caller" settings on your mobile phone.

You have full control:
  1. Each company tab under "Available Companies" includes your quote request status with that company
  2. You can choose to send your request right away, or cancel it
  3. Selecting "I purchased my policy" will cancel all other pending quote requests

Once you purchase your plan use the button below to complete the process.

I Purchased a Plan

Home Warranty Shopping Checklist

Turn off “Silence unknown callers” and “Do not disturb” settings on your mobile phone.

Check your phone's text messaging "Unknown Senders".

Check your email spam folder.

    Ask each company about:
  1. Coverage packages
  2. Optional add-on coverage items
  3. Service fee
  4. How to submit a service request
  5. If you can choose the service technician when a repair is needed
  6. What is not included in the home warranty policy

We recommend refraining from requesting quotes from multiple websites at the same time, as you may be overloaded with calls and emails, making it difficult to keep track of quotes, resulting in a less than enjoyable shopping experience.

At Home Warranty Advisor, we want to understand your shopping experience and how satisfied you are with it. A feeback form will be available once you confirm on this page that you purchased home warranty coverage. With your permission, we may also check-in with you via email and text messaging to give you the opportunity to share your experience and feedback with us.

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