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Homeownership in the Eye of HVAC: A Financial Perspective

Homeownership in the Eye of HVAC: A Financial Perspective

The world of Heating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) is always full of activities. Last year, they held an annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, where several remarkable companies like Geary Pacific, G.W. Berkheimer Co., and Aireco Supply scooped the coveted HARDI's Pillar Awards. Notably, these companies performed exceptionally in market intelligence, talent, and advocacy.

How These Developments Impact Homeowners

Now, you may wonder, 'What do these industrial affairs have to do with me as a homeowner?' Well, a lot. 

Awards such as HARDI’s Pillar Awards usually go to companies that have shown consistency in quality. This means as a homeowner, you're assured of top-notch HVAC products you can rely on for exceptional service, saving you frequent maintenance and repair costs.

In another development, the wholesale distributor of HVACR and plumbing equipment, F.W. Webb Co., opened a location in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., after acquiring HVAC supplier J.D. Johnson Co. With their already established reputation for having an extensive inventory of high-quality products and superior customer service, homeowners in Poughkeepsie now have access to reliable equipment.

Homeownership in Times of Pandemic

Interestingly, the HVAC industry has weathered the COVID storm quite well. We've seen companies like M&A Supply Company Inc., a family-owned HVACR distribution firm, survive and thrive despite the pandemic and its challenges. This resilience is a fact homeowners can take comfort in, knowing that the industry will reliably service their HVAC needs regardless of the prevailing conditions.

The Financial Edge of a Home Warranty Plan

We cannot emphasize enough that while the HVAC industry is doing all it can to provide excellent service and top-notch products, homeowners should have the additional protection of a home warranty plan. This move ensures they're not caught off guard by unexpected repair costs.

A home warranty plan is especially valuable in an era where changes in government regulations bring about frequent equipment upgrades and potential unexpected costs. The plan acts as a financial buffer, offering massive savings. It gives homeowners like you peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your investment without constant worry about potential repair and maintenance costs.


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