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The Future of Homeownership: Innovative Appliances For Better Living

The Future of Homeownership: Innovative Appliances For Better Living

Sometimes, it is possible to have it all as a homeowner in this modern age of homeownership! 

You can have things things that are practical and luxurious. You can have things things that are convenient and cost-effective. You can have things that are long-lasting and well-made.

But to have these things, you need companies that feel the same way to have these innovative appliances.

Part of our mission as an advocate for homeownership and homeowners like you is to highlight those companies and things so you know what’s out there to make your life easier, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Let’s start with Kismile.

Making Ice And Adjusting The Air

What do ice makers and humidifiers have in common?

On the surface, it seems like the answer is nothing.

However, you’ll start seeingsee some similarities if you look a little deeper.

For example, both add comfort and convenience to your life. Both are easy to use. 

Both also benefit from being a part of Kismile’s product lineup of innovative appliances. 

Here are some things we’re most excited about with their ice makers:

  • They make ice within minutes
  • How portable they are
  • They can make over 40 pounds of ice in a day
  • Their range of color options
  • They can fit in many small spaces

In short, they’re great for meals, parties, or just relaxing in your home with an ice-cold drink. 

To switch gears a bit, Kismile’s dehumidifiers are excellent, too. Here are some reasons why we like them:

  • They’re quiet
  • They have multiple drainage and speed modes
  • Their portability
  • Their safety, including around kids

These are just a few of the appliances they make for your home and kitchen, but we don’t want to overload you. Instead, we recommend getting one, seeing what you think, and going from there. We’re confident you won’t look back.

Making Coffee

Inext Solutions made an automatic coffee-making machine solving a problem you maybe didn’t even know you had. 

We’re not talking about your coffee addiction. We think that’s a good problem to have. 

The problem Inext Solutions solved with their machine was the need for several different devices to enjoy your coffee the way you want. 

Their Barista Bot combines a fridge, water filter, temperature moderator, intelligent robot, and personalized coffee maker all into one.

Imagine how much clutter and cost it’ll save!

Speaking of clutter, Lubluelu has something to help with that.

Cleaning Your Home

Lubluelu wants to make your cleaning life a little easier with their Stick 202. 

It’s an appropriate name for this self-standing vacuum cleaner.

It’s also cordless and uses a four-stage sealed HEPA filtration system. In short, Lubluelu designed the Stick 202 to make cleaning easier and more comprehensive (including working on various surfaces). Plus, it saves you from having to deal with multiple cleaning devices.

Your Home Warranty And Products Like These

You have a right to be worried about what you’ll do if an appliance breaks down. In fact, it’s great that you’re thinking ahead about this. 

We’re here to help when it comes to putting that thinking into action. 

Specifically, aside from recommending companies and products we believe in, we also help you find home warranty plans that provide financial protection for homeowners like you when dealing with the unexpected costs of system repairs or replacements. 

To be clear, we are not interested in selling you on a home warranty.

We are only interested in helping you find one that works for your needs. Just like all the products we mentioned above, we want to make your life more convenient, comfortable, and worry-free.

Just like all those products, we want to help you find the ones worth investing in.

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