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Revolutionizing Home Tech: CES 2024's Breakthroughs for Savvy Homeowners

Revolutionizing Home Tech: CES 2024's Breakthroughs for Savvy Homeowners

As a homeowner, you are likely seeking ways to make your home more efficient, comfortable, and technologically advanced. 

In case you don’t know, there’s an annual tech exhibition every year called CES (Consumer Electronics Show). CES 2024 showed off a variety of products designed to help you with such goals.  

It can be overwhelming to figure out everything that was there and what to know about it. 

To help you get started, we’re going to cover some of the smart home technology shown off this year. 

New Tech from CES 2024

First, there was the AI-powered dog nanny robot by Oro. This alleviates any worries you might have about leaving your pets home alone. 

The robot has the ability to watch, play with, and give out treats to your pets.

CES didn’t leave the kitchen behind, either. 

Innovative products like the Perfecta from Seer Grills saw to that. It’s a vertical oven that uses AI technologies to improve your cooking experience. 

There was also the Reencle Gravity countertop composter, which helps with home maintenance by making your waste disposal smarter and more eco-friendly.

Samsung's Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum also helps with home maintenance. It has AI-based stain detection and cleaning efficiency, making for an easier and better home cleaning experience. 

Additionally, you have Weber’s Summit FS38X Smart Grill with its real-time data display of the grilling process, helping you achieve perfect grilling results.

Twinkly Smart String Lights

Investing in smart string lights can transform your home’s ambiance without breaking your bank.

Twinkly's 100-LED String smart RGB lights, initially retailing at $80, recently went on a discounted sale for $20. 

You can use these lights both indoors and outdoors. They’re also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple's HomeKit. The RGB multi-color feature combined with their ability to be controlled remotely adds to their appeal.

Samsung's AI Robot Ballie 2024

In another noteworthy development, Samsung further improved upon their personal assistant robot, Ballie, introduced in 2020. 

The reimagined robot, which now features an onboard projector and an enhanced AI system, can control smart devices and provide answers to user queries in real-time, similar to Amazon's Alexa. Its new projector can automatically detect a person's posture and face angle and adjust the projection accordingly, redefining the user experience.

These modern advancements in smart home technology have the potential to redefine your home and homeownership in general. At the very least, they make owning a home more convenient and efficient. 

Of course, part of being a responsible homeowner is protecting your investment and not making poor financial decisions.

So, it’s worthwhile to consider a home warranty plan in addition to the above items. You never know when you’ll be dealing with unexpected home repair costs, and a home warranty plan can help!


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