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Understanding Home Warranties for Old Homes

Understanding Home Warranties for Old Homes

Investing in an old home can be both exciting and daunting as it often comes with its unique set of challenges and charms. Among these challenges is the protection of your home systems and appliances which may be just as 'historic' as your lovely home. This is where the need for a home warranty enters.

Understanding Home Warranties

A home warranty is a service contract that offers to repair or replace your household items and systems that break down over time due to normal wear and tear.

Unlike home insurance, which provides coverage for risks like fires or theft, a home warranty covers the items inside that will naturally deteriorate over time. In the case of an old home, this kind of coverage can be incredibly useful.

Are Old Appliances Covered?

Generally, age does not factor into the coverage of an appliance or system. They just need to be in good working order when the policy kicks in. However, if age has rendered a device so obsolete that parts are not available for it anymore, the warranty company may decline to cover it.

Age Limitations of a Home

Generally, there are no age restrictions on the home itself for obtaining a home warranty. However, some companies might require home inspection or maintenance records for older homes before coverage can begin.

Important Considerations

While home warranties are valuable for older homes, you should consider the cost of the premium and service fees, the items that are covered, and the reputation of the service company.

Also, understand the limitations and exclusions in the contract. Warranty providers will not cover any pre-existing conditions or malfunctions that occurred before the coverage began. Similarly, they won't cover items if they have not been properly maintained.

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