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The Interplay of Smart Homes, IoT and Home Warranties

The Interplay of Smart Homes, IoT and Home Warranties

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home devices has drastically changed homeownership. 

Devices like the Shark IQ robot vacuum and Ring Video Doorbell are not just convenient but also offer a peek into the future of home maintenance and monitoring. 

However, these devices also create additional financial considerations for homeowners. But let’s talk a little bit more about those devices first.

The Intersection of IoT and Home Maintenance

Discussing smart homes and IoT, it's crucial to mention innovations like the Shark IQ robot, which has significantly changed home cleaning routines. This smart vacuum completes tasks with minimal human assistance. It has built-in AI mapping technology, impressive suction performance, and cleaning schedules, which operate even when you aren’t present. Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant further enhances its smart features.

Such innovations impact homeownership in two significant ways. 

First, they make home maintenance more efficient and effortless. Second, they represent additional assets that homeowners must protect and maintain.

Financial Considerations of Smart Devices

IoT devices like the Shark IQ and Ring Video Doorbell have an upfront cost, but you must also consider potential repair or replacement costs. 

While designed for durability, these devices are still susceptible to damage or malfunctions. They can be affected by weather conditions, power surges, or plain old wear and tear. These unexpected expenses can, over time, add up to significant sums.

Back-up Plan: Home Warranties

One way homeowners could protect their investment in IoT devices is through a home warranty plan. Home warranties often cover replacement or repair costs for appliances and systems within the home. Depending on the plan, home warranties can cover a wide range of equipment, potentially including smart devices, and, as such, provide peace of mind.

Overall, IoT brings about convenience and efficiency. Smart devices bring new capabilities to our homes but also represent an additional financial commitment. By understanding these implications and employing strategies like home warranties, you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home without the anxiety of unexpected home maintenance costs.


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