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Tech Advancements & Effective Partnerships In Homeownership

Tech Advancements & Effective Partnerships In Homeownership

With maintaining and repairing a home becoming increasingly stressful, homeowners like you may find relief in recent tech advancements. Innovations in home automation encourage homeowners like you to stay one step ahead of potential issues and make ownership a smoother ride. 

Leading the charge is RemoteLock, a provider of universal access control specializing in multifamily properties.

A Step Ahead in Home Automation

As one of the many software integrations offered by RemoteLock, this automated access control reduces the recurring, time-consuming task of managing access, particularly during unit turnovers. Property managers can now automatically sync lease-related details from Yardi Voyager® with RemoteLock. This seamless integration updates access rights for each resident moving in or out, even down to common doors and elevators.

Additionally, maintenance staff also benefit by getting temporary permission to access units during turnover, with permissions set to expire to avoid unintended access when the unit is re-occupied. The primary advantage is operational efficiency for multifamily properties, thus relieving homeowners like you of any additional financial strain tied to the turnover process.

Effective Partnerships For Enhanced Client Experience

Partnerships in the property management space are another way homeowners can find relief from maintenance and finance issues. A case in point is the partnership between Condominium Associates ('CA') and Moore Property Management, LLC ('MPM'), two known leaders in property management.

Through this partnership, CA assumes administrative responsibility and banking management, allowing MPMS to focus on client engagement and expanding its reach in the Naples and Marco Island regions. 

For homeowners, this translates into improving association oversight, facilitating regulatory compliance, financial management, and enhanced maintenance services.

Outsourcing: A Boon For Property Management Professionals

The PropLogix 2023 State Title Industry Report reveals the strain property management professionals are under, citing that almost 38% of professionals juggle too many responsibilities. The study reveals an increasing trend in outsourcing title production tasks such as Municipal Lien Searches and Title Searches. This outsourcing can be a boon for homeowners relying heavily on property management for maintenance tasks.

In fact, 38% of respondents were considering outsourcing Lien Release Tracking, a task crucial to homeowners like you who are either in the process of or planning to sell their property. By outsourcing these tasks, professionals are free to focus on generating new business.

To conclude, tech advancements, strategic partnerships, and smarter management methods are paving the way for homeowners like you to navigate maintenance costs and overall financial burdens more effectively. 


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