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The Future of Homeownership: Eco-Friendly Gardening, Smart Security and Sustainable Cooking

The Future of Homeownership: Eco-Friendly Gardening, Smart Security and Sustainable Cooking

Many fields of homeownership are seeing rapid development, adding significant value to the daily lives of homeowners like you.

Some of these fields include gardening, home security, and sustainable living. Plus, they’re not only improving your quality of life, but they’re also easing financial burdens as well, such as those associated with unexpected home repair costs. 

Let’s start with the gardening field.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Elevating Home Aesthetics

Heirloom Roses is a premier supplier of own-root roses in North America. For reference, growers grow own-root roses from the cuttings of the same variety of rose. 

What’s exciting is that Heirloom Roses is expanding their own-root roses business to Canada. This expansion allows Canadians (perhaps like you) to enjoy what Americans already do. 

Plus, Heirloom Roses’ roses are more resistant to winter and disease. So, you’ll get to enjoy them for longer throughout the year. 

Revolutionizing Home Security with Smart Lock Systems

On a different home front, RemoteLock announced a partnership with Yardi Voyager. Specifically, they’re offering fully automated access permissions to all residents and staff, which benefits multifamily units.

While multifamily units are great, they do have a high turnover. Making access permissions easier and universal while still maintaining safety is essential to the people living there. 

Additionally, this advancement relieves the financial burden associated with using traditional (and sometimes costly) locksmith services during turnovers. 

Sustainable Cooking: A Step Towards the Greener Future

Impulse, a pioneer in sustainable home appliances, recently unveiled a battery-integrated cooktop. 

The high-performance cooktop combines stored and grid energy and offers homeowners a greener, more sustainable cooking solution. The backup power feature also ensures uninterrupted cooking, even during power outages, saving homeowners from potential spoilage costs. 

Traditional appliances can cause many unexpected repair costs, so an innovative home appliance like this helps remove such financial concerns. 

In conclusion, the advancements in eco-friendly gardening, smart home security, and sustainable living are not just offering a more luxurious living experience. Adding the protection home warranty plans offer helps even further, as they alleviate the financial burden of homeowners like you by helping prevent unexpected repair costs and home maintenance costs. 


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